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domestic wastewater management

Domestic Sewage & Percolation Testing

Coyle Environmental Ltd has been carrying out Percolation Tests, Designing and Certifying the Installations of Wastewater Sewage Systems and Percolation Areas for Domestic Clients, Architects, Engineers and Builders since 1998.

Percolation Tests 

We complete percolation tests in compliance with the EPA Code of Practice for Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses (p.e.<10),


All our reports are issued with the sewage treatment system designed and the detail inserted onto your site layout plan with a cross sectional detail of the percolation option.

Percolation Test Reports are issued within ten days of testing


When your sewage treatment system is being installed we provide a Certification of Installation service.

We issue Ancillary Certificates in compliance Building Control (Amendment) Regulations, SI No. 9 of 2014.


We complete:

Environmental Due Diligence on existing Sewage Systems

Complete Percolation Tests

Design Sewage Treatment Systems

Certify the installation of Sewage Treatment Systems

To date we carry out this work for in excess of 80 architectural and consulting engineering firms nationwide, if this is something that you need contact us on

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